Finding Your Tribe

Christianity and having a relationship with God can be tough.

Sometimes it gets very challenging, you may feel lost, lonely, burnt out (this one is realll), or even bored. But I have discovered one of the keys to keeping one’s fire burning and staying consistent — Having a community.

There’s a reason why many churches build smaller groups based on geography, demography or other forms of segmentation. One of the reasons is really to build a smaller group to foster a sense of belonging, to encourage intimate fellowship; koinonia because they understand that the journey can get tough alone.

I can’t get into details now (perhaps another post) but at a point, I became really hungry for more of God, I needed to understand the Holy Spirit and His wonderful gifts. I was operating a bit in the prophetic and discerning of spirits but I didn’t understand it. I needed to do more for the Kingdom but I wasn’t sure how. Plus, I found it difficult finding Christians with that hunger, the zeal to want to be and do more above the average. The desire to operate more in our spiritual gifts for Kingdom work. We cannot be mediocre in the Kingdom. Being a Christian is not so that we can just be; it is so that we can do work for God. We have to do what He wants. We have to wake up every morning with our first thought being, “God, what would you have me do for you today?” With no one to share this with, it was easy to feel alone. But thankfully, my paths crossed with like-minded Christians, equally hungry for more of God and constantly seeking God’s heart on what He desires us to do on earth.

With my tribe, being a Christian became exciting again and the burden felt lighter. It is so refreshing to be part of a tribe that enjoys studying and sharing the Word and praying for hoursss (I love how we would decide we would pray for only 30 minutes, but find ourselves going 3 hours 😂)

I can’t stress how important it is to be a part of a community. If God Himself, THE God Almighty did not want to be alone so created man for fellowship, how much more us. Asides from working together for the Kingdom, a community keeps you grounded, hungry for more of God, and keeps you accountable. Plus, good vibes is good for the soul (Gloria, 2022)

If you’re wondering how to find your tribe. Here’s some of what I did I believed helped me:

  • I prayed: I know this sounds obvious but I NEEDED people I could pour my hearts out to and be vulnerable in conversations with no fear of being judged. I also desired that they would give sound Biblical advice because not all “great” advice is Biblical. Prayerfully seek a tribe.
  • I allowed people in: Sometimes your community can be right under your nose. I have learned to appreciate people and value their existence. So before you start seeking a community, open your eyes and your heart to those around you first.
  • I trusted: Vulnerability is key in a community. For a long time, I did not (could not) be open with anybody, I found it hard to share private things and would rather keep them to myself. I thought that being vulnerable made me feel powerless but I was wrong. PLEASE be vulnerable with your tribe. I have grown to learn that sometimes, for people to trust you, you have to take the giant leap and risk trusting them first. Jesus gave a lovely illustration of how trust and building an intimate relationship with his disciples became the catalyst for what we call Christianity today. I mean, think about it, if Jesus didn’t share His heart and allow Himself to be vulnerable with His disciples, would they really literally go to the ends of the earth sharing His story? Jesus must have been such a great friend for the disciples to willingly risk it all for Him. So please, again, allow yourself to be vulnerable. However, be careful, do not give your pearls to swine; because they look like a Christian does not mean they are.

Love, Gloria

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