Is God real?

Saw this post, click here to view from one of my contacts on Whatsapp and it made me smile. See, God is real, people just don’t look for him.

Some weeks ago I was in a Bible Study by Kornerstone and the host asked a question, “How do you know God loves you” and immediately I thought about some Bible verses that stated so.

But the thing is, even if there was no Bible to confirm it, I know that God loves me, I know that God is real. I am utterly, undoubtedly, convinced of it. I have heard Him speak, I have experienced His presence, and I have seen Him through Jesus.

I have so many personal experiences that confirm the existence of God. I’ve had dreams where I wake up and literally continue from where I’d left off in the dream, God has shown and told me things that literally play out minutes after, there are things I suddenly know about people without them mentioning it (most times I don’t even know them personally), things I do but I know I’m not in control, and there are details nobody knows about me but God would show me that He knows. There are also the warnings. One happened just yesterday where before I left my house God told me to do something that seemed unimportant and I tell you, if I hadn’t listen, I would have been in big trouble with Lagos government.

… and then the encounter that convinced me totally that He was real — my salvation story, where I saw Jesus three times. It had to be three because God knew I would argue and dismiss the first encounter. The second can be ruled out as a coincidence, but the third? Undeniable. I could go on and on but my fondest memory is surprisingly about a notepad.

Part 1.



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