Written January 30th 2017

Happy New Year everyone

Very excited about this year and I don’t even know why.

Going to be writing about one of the best things that’s ever happened in
my life.

*drum rolls*

Sorting Out!

I’m sure a few of you have heard about Sorting Out. I won’t be able to capture the meaning of Sorting Out in words but I’ll give it a shot.

So basically “Sorting Out” is a three-day residential event usually starts on a Friday by 8am and ends on Sunday.

In the three days, there are teachings on every area of one’s life; finance, relationship/marriage, work etc and then prayers and my personal favourite, the one-on-one session.
In that one-on-one, you spend some time with a designated Pastor and
you talk and pray about whatever. It’s a pretty intense program
as you barely sleep or rest. The sermons and prayer session are almost
back to back with about 10–15 mins in between. The longest break is
at 6/6:30pm when you break your fast and allowed to rest for about 30
minutes after dinner before coming back to the hall for another
session. Different guests like Nathaniel Bassey, Glowreeyah Braimah, Cobhams Asuquo, Frank Edwards, David Nkennor minister on different editions. The program is by Living Faith Foundation church based in Kaduna. Rev Joe Olaiya is the head Pastor. I attended the first Sorting Out in July last year I think. My friend, Temi told me about it and after visiting the Sorting Out website, I didn’t even need to think about it. I just knew I had to attend. I had a very strong feeling about it. I told my friend Uzo about it and she was
down. Another of my friend, Lape was going as well so we all got a room

Before you attend the program you have to register online where you fill a
form that takes, I kid you not, a minimum of an hour. It took me
about three hours to fill mine. The form includes loads of personal
questions about yourself. The purpose is so during your one-on-one session with a Pastor they already know about you and what to talk/pray about. The venue for that time was Orchid Hotel in Lekki. It’s N35,000 per person for three days and you share the room with two other people. The bed is pretty massive and you are barely in the room anyways as you spend most of your time in the hall. To share with just one person, its N45,000 and to have your own personal room its N90,000. Personally, I think we are undercharged because if you have to calculate the regular amount to spend in securing a venue, conference hall, accommodation, writing materials, food (buffet), sound system, it’s almost like we came for free really.

I remember it was just sermons from that morning in July to about late night, I think maybe around 9pm, Glowreeyah Braimah came to minister and my gawd, she brought the house down! She had everyone on their feet and we
were jumping and praising God and shouting. It was just amazing. Then
Cobhams Asuquo ministered after her and he had us flat on our faces
loving and worshipping our Father. We ended about past 1am and had to
be in the hall by 6:30am by morning. That day’s session was another
round of sermons and a lot of renouncing and prophesying. After
dinner, we would go the hall for another round of sermons and a lot
of praying. By Sunday, just a bit of sermons and mostly deliverance
sessions and receiving of the Holy Spirit by laying on of hands by
the Pastors. Then after, one-on-one sessions starts. My number was called late at around past 10pm. I got home around past 12 midnight that day. Absolutely no regrets.

December last year I went for Sorting Out again because my first experience was just too wonderful and I experienced God in a way I’d never before. Just been in that environment boosts your spirit man. I wanted to be in that kind of “spiritual” environment, no, not redeemed camp or Shiloh… But one where I could like chill and make friends and at the same time fellowship with the Holy Spirit with other believers. I also needed a change of environment for a short time, needed to get away from work and family environment. Plus, I would be sharing the room with two of my good friends so I was looking forward to all the girly moments. It’s like Summer camp but with
a lot of praying Lol. This second time I went with two of my friends,
Teresa and Adim. The venue was Penninsula Hotel in Lekki.

Even as I’ve heard the sermons before and knew what was coming as I’d gone through the process, it was still not boring. God’s presence in the Sorting Out
sessions is so strong that you just can’t ignore it especially during the praying sessions.

Did anything new happen in this new session for me..? Yes. My One-on-One session. The last day, on the Sunday, instead we went to a branch of the Living
Faith Foundation church in Oregun, Ikeja to hold the last session. The name of the church is “Sanctuary of Grace”. David Nkennor ministered and it was just beautiful. His version of Mercy Me’s “I can only Imagine” was beautiful.

My One-on-One session was with Pastor Kolawole and we basically gisted for about 30 minutes and then he prayed for me. Such a wonderful Pastor!

After Sorting Out, you just feel refreshed, restored and revived. It’s not hype. It’s real. We ended pretty early this time, by around 7pm, the place was almost empty. I just have to give a shout out to the Sorting Out workforce. I have
literally not seen any workforce like this one. These guys are dedicated and
hardworking. I don’t know how they do it. Did somebody say grace? The way God is blessing and will bless these guys for their hard work ehn. I actually can’t imagine. From the reception to when you are leaving, these guys are
wonderful. Friendly and always ready to help. You can be seated in a session and ask one of them to help you get a cup of water and they will gladly help you! These guys got about four AC buses to move us from Lekki to Ikeja that Sunday. We didn’t pay. (Please leave the N35,000 out of this. Lol) They are just amazing. They don’t collect offering or the likes during Sorting Out but at the end of the program you are asked to donate if you want to and even if they
didn’t ask, looking at what these wonderful people have put together,
you will donate. It’s about a month after I attended the second Sorting Out program and I feel so great. It’s like I went to a Spiritual Hospital and the Holy Spirit was the doctor. I feel brand new.

You should be Sorted.

For more information about Sorting Out, visit their website here or call +2348188888155, +2348188888100

They are on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Oh, oh, the next one is on the 3rd next month, REGISTER!



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