To Be…

Written — May 11, 2019

I was literally reading “Basic Elements of the Christian Life” by Witness Lee and Watchman Nee and simultaneously listening to Hallelujah Here Below (Paradoxology) by Elevation Worship and Steffany Gretzinger (Love this song!) and I suddenly had a VERY STRONG desire to write something here which is weird because to be honest I haven’t had any desire to blog. Not had any desire to do anything to be honest.

Except to be in God’s presence. I’ve been hungry.

I’ve not had a hunger this strong in a long time so I treasure it. For a while I’ve been Martha — paying too much attention to other activities (career, relationships, my purpose etc), deceiving myself that I was on the right path and God understands why I do not spend as much time with Him as I used to.

So I decided to shut all of it out and be intentional about my time with the Holy Spirit. Re-analysing my priorities and learning.

A lot has happened and a lot has been going on and I will share soon. The Holy Spirit is currently teaching me about trust. I consider myself a very independent person and work best solo. What this means is sometimes I unconsciously try to do things on my own or try to figure things out on my own.

But now I have to consciously and purposefully follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I have to carry out His plans (as He wants it) not my plans even if it will bring Him glory.

Currently developing a blueprint for everything (I can be an obsessive planner sometimes Lol) Time and internet data, somehow never seem to be enough (Lol)

Right from December 2018 when I was praying for my 2019 I had a feeling that I was going to walk on water this year. I am currently being pushed way out of my comfort zone — it scares me (a lot) but at the same time, I feel an excitement somewhere in my heart.

By the way, I started an Instagram page Sunago. At a point I was missing out on a lot of church events because I kept forgetting the dates or I just didn’t know when it happened so I decided to start the page to help myself and other Christians keep track and feed their spirit.

I also started an online clothing store finally! The website is www.setinstoneng.comand click this link for Instagram. After I got saved, I remember how my friends and I would struggle with stylish and modest clothing. I actually bought like a small sewing machine from John Lewis to sew all the long slits and holes back together on dresses I bought. So it is my prayer that my pieces would make you feel stylish, confident and modest.




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